Building Our Strawbale Home!

THIS  is the architect's model of our building plan. Clockwise, top left to right: garage, workshop, guest house, and main house. We began with the guest house because building any of the other structures first would impede access for large equipment to the guest house site.

BUILDING began in earnest in May, 2005. But before that, we needed to install our infrastructure. We have a well that fills our 3,500 gallon water tank, and a large tracking solar panel array that provides all the electricity we need--with a backup diesel generator, just in case.



Follow our progress by clicking on the links to the left as we add photos for each of the buildings as they are completed!

The solar panels, designed to track the sun and collect as much solar energy as possible. If you are interested in exploring solar at any level on your property, we cannot more strongly endorse our solar guy, George at Dixieline Contracting. His website is: http://dixielinecontracting.com/index.html

The water tank, which holds 3,500 gallons.

Doing most of the work ourselves, we're building an energy efficient, warm and lovely strawbale home covered with earthen plaster made from the clay on site. It's a big job, but we know it's worth it to be able to view the red rock cliffs and mesas, breathe the clean desert air, and enjoy the starry skies at night. 

Guest House
Foundation Process
Slab and Utilities
Framing and Roofing
Stacking the Bales
Plastering the bales
The Interior
Workshop foundation
The Interior
Main House foundation
Framing and Roofing
Stacking the bales
Interior Framing and Wiring
Interior Detailing
The Garden
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